New Management


Dear Readers,

There are moments in life when time seems to freeze. Moments so indelibly emblazoned in memory that you can recall perfectly that tune playing on the radio, the scent in the air, the company around you when the news broke. The day The Conformist Uprising had a change in management will not be one of those moments. For we have done you a disservice Dear Reader by not posting enough to make you aware of any management at all. That changes now. Don’t call it “comeback” because we were never here to begin with.

Relevant Reading:

First things first- let me provide some older reading of the “Sadman” variety for those of you who were not familiar with my work from my prior blog, Sadman Musings. I am not posting these just to fill up word count- this isn’t HS English. I plan to follow up on many of these topics in the coming months given many are again relevant (e.g., Cricket World Cup starting in Feb, Homeland just finished Season 4, Peter Thiel’s Zero to One being the anti-Malcolm Gladwell, etc.):


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