Quick Hits on the Oscars (with a nod to Peter King)


Five things I think I liked about the Oscars (no particular order):

  1. Birdman killing it – definitely did not expect the old white dudes at the Academy to go with the awesome, but very alternative, Birdman when there was so much obvious Oscar-bait being waved in front of them (civil rights struggles, ALS, WWII AND homosexuality?!)
  2. That little bit of irreverence at the top of the show with NPH noting the Oscar’s celebrate “Hollywood’s Best and Whitest”
  3. Soaking up Anna Kendrick’s…err…outfit, yeah let’s say outfit. (plus seeing her stand over Kevin Hart was hilarious)
  4. Not playing favorites with the “In Memoriam” section- always seemed in bad taste when they showed clips or had extra applause for some folks but not others in prior years
  5. Hearing Lady Gaga actually sing. Somehow that is refreshing these days.

Five things I think I didn’t like about the Oscars (no particular order):

  1. “Everything is Awesome” can’t be The Lego Movies’s contribution to the Oscars, it was too good for that. The true irony is that “Everything is Awesome,” like the movie itself, appears very superficial, but is actually highly layered, and a commentary about how should follow your own instincts and not have your creativity quashed by others (I am not even joking).
  2. I still just don’t care at all about roughly half of the categories they show (e.g., short documentary, short animated film, sound mixing), the Oscars was 3.5 hours long this year. I think we all know it is about entertainment. Let’s trim the fat.
  3. I really wanted to see NPH actually reveal his predictions at the end, but was disappointed to see that it was just another gag. Weak Tea. No “Keepin’ it a Hunded” sticker for him.
  4. Sean Penn taking so long to announce the Best Picture winner. Come’on man, it is not about you. Everyone already thinks you are a self-centered douche, don’t play into their hands.
  5. The audience being flat. I thought NPH was solid, but seemed like a quiet crowd. You would think a bunch of millionaires enjoying the most self-congratulatory day of the year would be in a mood to enjoy themselves.

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