Ill Timed, Gratuitious NPH Plug:


This is not so much a post as the equivalent of retweeting something amazing. Three things in life are certain:

  1. Death (despite what they might say about healthy living in California)
  2. Taxes (especially here in California)
  3.  Neil Patrick Harris is ridiculously good at everything (that applies everywhere)

To recap the Youtube walkabout I completed to arrive at this blindingly obvious statement:

  • Watching Josh Gad on FX’s The Comedians
  • Watching Josh Gad in The Book of Mormon
  • Watching The Book of Mormon opening sequence from the 2014 Tony’s
  • Watching NPH perform the 2013 Tony’s opening sequence

Just watch it, and ask yourself if you could any 30 second part of that performance perfectly, and then ask if you would ever be able to string all of those perfect takes together.

And before you start making fun of me for gushing about a Tony’s opening performance. Let me say that NPH has the perfect retort lined up already:

Alright, clearly I am not having a productive day today, time to go back to my baby-kale salad and Hugh Jackman movie marathon.


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